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Choosing A Chartered Accountant In Cardiff

When you need to choose a chartered accountant in Cardiff, or anywhere in south Wales, you need to carefully consider who will offer you the best service, what the company specialise in and how much their services will cost. You also need to consider where they are located. Below we offer some tips on how best to choose a chartered accountant in the Cardiff area.

The importance of location

If you live in South Wales either in or near Cardiff, then finding a charted accountant who is either based in the area, or who offers services to the area is advantageous. However, do not discount charted accountants who are not in your recent vicinity, as today many firms offer the opportunity of cloud accounting which allows you to be based anywhere in the country. But, nothing quite beats that personal touch and being able to meet face to face can often result in more fruitful conversations. An accountant who is based locally will also be able to support you in meetings, and will be able to visit you at home or at your business premises.

Choose an accountant who is regulated

It is always best to choose an accountant who is regulated by a governing body, so therefore opting to go with a charted accountant gives you that much needed peace of mind. Charted accountants are highly qualified and have completed their studies to above degree level, together with on the job workplace experience. It is always best to check out the firm's credentials before arranging any meeting or sending a query email.

An affordable service

Living in these times of austerity, it is very important that you choose a charted accountant who can offer you an affordable service. Check out their full price list and carefully consider if what they offer you is a fair price for the job it entails. All prices should be fully transparent with no hidden fees.

Do your homework

It is always best to shop around and to do your research. Useful resources are those of local voluntary organisations and the chambers of commerce who will helpfully offer you advice. These services are also usually free. Friends and family members are also often good sources of information and may be able to recommend a firm that they have previously used.

Linghams chartered accountants

Linghams Chartered Accountants Cardiff fulfil all of the above criteria. They are a charted account firm based in Cardiff who offer a fully personalised, professional and friendly service. All of their prices are fully transparent with no hidden or extras fees. They can meet you at your desired location with most meetings scheduled within 24 hours.

Linghams offer a range of services that include audit solutions, personal tax planning and we have qualified accountancy and business advisors. They also have a range of support services that may be helpful to you.


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